The following Academic courses are designed to assist you in expanding your educational
opportunities and enhance your community involvement. These courses are open entry/open
exit and are subject to program eligibility requirements and space availability.
Language of Instruction
The William M. Maguy School of Education offers its High School Equivalency (HSE) program
in both English and Spanish. HSE Instructors are bilingual and sufficiently qualified to teach
the HSE subjects. HSE classes are equipped with English and Spanish textbooks and other
supplemental materials so that students are able to receive quality instruction in the language
of their choice. Please note that the requirement for this class is the HSE Practice Tests
conducted by the instructor or case manager. The English as a Second Language and
ESL/Citizenship programs are instructed in English and the textbooks and instructional
materials are in English.

Locations: Hanford, Porterville, Richgrove, Dinuba CA
Daily Schedule: Varies, contact the Education administrative office
Prerequisites: High School Diploma or Equivalent or must take an approved Ability to
Benefit test.

Description: ESL/Citizenship classes are designed to help adults that are non-native speakers
of the English language acquire the skills needed to use accurate and appropriate English
language in social, community, academic, and work-related settings and/or prepare students
for the U.S. Citizenship test and oral interview. Classroom curriculum includes topics and
activities such as U.S. government, history, role-plays, participation in small and large group
activities, the use of technology, and oral interviews

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